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Kai Luu

Mother and Sleep Consultant

Once my journey as a mother began, I quickly realized that I had no idea what I was doing in terms of helping my daughter develop good sleep habits. Eighteen short months later, I gave birth to my second daughter and vowed to do things completely different and make sleep a priority for our entire family. Through my own (and still continuing) journey as a parent, I have learned how important sleep truly is, and how much more enjoyable it is to be a mother when you and your children are sleeping well. My passion is to help families get their babies and toddlers sleeping through the night no matter what their parenting styles are or their sleep arrangement preferences. I am proud to be a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, and love working with families here in The Netherlands where I am currently living with my husband and two girls, but also with families all over the world to help them realize that their little ones are able to be great sleepers too. Instead of using a "cookie cutter" approach, my unique system lets us work together to find the method best suited for you and YOUR child's sleep habits and unique personality.


The Importance of Sleep

There is a defined link between chronic sleep deprivation and postpartum depression or the "baby blues." Most mothers report a dramatic improvement in their moods (and their baby's!) once the family is sleeping well. Your baby has unique sleep habits and a unique personality. You have your parenting style. The "magic" happens when we create an approach that's right for your baby and that you can feel good about as a parent. Becoming a parent already comes with so many challenges, but sleep shouldn't be one of them.


"You can't fail at a job you were created to do."

Rachel Hollis


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